Welcome to SquirrelBakes! My name is Debbie and I think I'm turning into a foodie! 

I have always loved any kind of baked goods, but it hasn't been till recently that you will find me in my tiny kitchen scheming what I will be making next. I am mostly a baker, but for special occasions and when I find a really yummy looking recipe, I expand into cooking. 

At the start of the year I began taking cake decorating classes and became obsessed with reading baking blogs...see my blog roll. I hope to share the best of both my classroom techniques and new recipes. 

Besides being in the kitchen I love my two little babies, Kiddy and Roma. And I love to take pictures of them, cause who wouldn't when they have pets that are so cute!

I also love to travel, again who doesn't? My husband and I are lucky enough to have gotten to travel around quite a bit.

You might be curious about the blog name, to make a long story short, I had an inseparable stuffed animal squirrel growing up (I might still have him) and it eventually became my nickname.

To hear about everything else in my life feel free to visit my home blog meetthekadlecs.blogspot.com

Hope you enjoy following my adventures in baking!
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