Monday, May 10, 2010

Sugar Cookies and My First Royal Icing!

After reading Bridget's The Way the Cookie Crumbles comparison of three very highly recommended sugar cookie roll-out recipes, I decided to take a hack at one myself. I am not going to re-post the recipes as I followed them exactly.

I picked Bridget's recipe based on the taste and overall non-puffiness of the cookies. It worked out pretty well, I had to roll the dough out a little thinner than recommended to get the flatter cookie with cleaner lines, but the recipe tasted great! I didn't use parchment paper and I don't own a silicone baking mat, I just used the best baking sheets I have ever baked with, Williams-Sonoma's Gold Touch line. I do wonder how the silicone baking mats work, anyone out there with reviews?

I used Brown Eyed Baker's tutorial and recipe for the Royal Icing, and oh how I wish the University of Cookie was up and running when I made these, I could have used a little video help. First mistake was trying to make too many colors at once, there were 10 bags of outliner and filler all over the place. My kitchen looked like an exploded rainbow! So I set some colors to the side and stuck with just blue and white. Second mistake was trying to ice too many cookies at once. I found it was best to concentrate on 3-4 cookies at once and move on. Not too shabby for the first try ehh?

My favorite thing to do when sending cookies is just to wrap them up in clear bags with fancy ribbon. I mean who doesn't love getting cookies in fancy wrappings!


  1. Those cookies are so cute!

    And I got the doughnut pans from the food network store online. They were on sale too!

  2. Such cute cookies...and I thought you should know, I just picked up a squirrel cookie cutter the other day. I can't wait to use it!

  3. Your cookies turned out great! You did an excellent icing job! And their cute.

  4. very nice! I will have to try those pans!
    I use a SilPat to bake and really like the way that it distributes the heat and bakes very evenly...BUT parchment paper is a life saver as well!

  5. Those look great! I bake a ton but I've actually never made royal icing. I'm hosting a bridal shower this summer and might try out your recipes for some nice favors!

  6. Love your blog design!! Thanks for the friend add by the way! I have a great chicken salad recipe!

  7. Beautiful cookies! I think your first royal icing is perfect!

  8. Great job! Wow, who knew cookies had their own university? I must check out that link! Thanks for stopping by my blog and you DEFINITELY need that food processor/emulsifier. I couldn't live without it!


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